Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This is my Worhol-esque painting. I used a picture of my dog to do this project.

Gorgia O'keeffe inspired digital painting.

This is my Gorgia O'keeffe inspired digital painting.

Post impressionist portrait

I used a picture of a puppy for the post impressionist portrait.

Post impressionist landscape

This is my post impressionist landscape. i chose to use a picture of a cherry blossom tree.

Digital painting of choice

This is my didgital painting of choice. I chose to make my painting  a picture of a mountain reflected on water.

reate a new logo project

This is my create a new logo project. I chose the hockey team The Kings logo. (left original) (right new)

street art

This is my street art assignment.

rythym/movement project.

This is my rythym/movement project.

Scanned felt tip drawing

This is my scanned felt tip drawing. I chose a picture of an eye I drew at home and added color.

colored/shaded scene of choice.

This is my colored/shaded scene of choice. I chose the haunted castle scene, and made a ghost chasing a girl as well as a vampire.

Bird coloring page assignment.

This is my Bird coloring page assignment. I chose to pick a parrot that is perching on a branch in the rain forest.


This is my keliedoscope assignment. I like nature so i deeded to pick one that looked like a flower.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

9 panel comic

This is my comic strip. I couldn't think of anything to do, sorry.