Monday, March 20, 2017

30 day photo challenge 2

1 Favorite food:

2 Smile:
3 Happiness: 
4 Leaves: 
5 Morning sky:
6 Books:
7 Something funny:
8 Favorite color:
 9 Inspiring person:
10 Nature:
11 Something old:
12 Hair:
13 Written words:
14 Movement:
15 Leading lines:
16 Symmetry and Patterns:
17 Framing:
18 Depth of field:
19 Rule of thirds:
20 Best friend:
21 Where you sleep:
22 In your closet:
23 Gratitude:
24 Something new:
25 Animals:
26 Worms eye view of trees:
27 Artwork:
28 Daily routine:
29 Nighttime:
30 Light:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Panoramic image

For my panoramic image I used pictures that I took of the city of San Diego when I was on a boat in the San diego bay.

Retouching assignment

This is my retouching assignment

classical painted portrait

For this project I used a picture of myself as a baby.

Creative blurring

This is my creative blurring project

Self portrait montage with different backrounds

Triple portrait (evolution)

For this project I showed a flower blooming.

Candyland Landscape

This is my candy land landscape.

Repetition used in a creative way

I used a bunch of hearts to create a flower

look who's in our school

For this project I added cartoon characters to the C lunch court